Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sebastian Foundation Pet Santa Photos 2013

Last Saturday marked the annual pet photos with Santa day at Keystone Pet Place in Mount Joy. This is an annual benefit for The Sebastian Foundation, and they had a few dogs onsite that were available for adoption (and still are!).

Big thanks to Amy and Tim from the Sebastian Foundation, Ian Kline for his invaluable printing and processing help, everyone who came out with their families and their pets, and of course, to Santa, who is always a trooper and inevitably ends up covered in pee.

Can't wait for next year!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday Night Special

Chad Kramer - Frontside Pivot

Dan Hetrich - Backside Disaster
Dan Hetrich - Alley Oop
Ben Geluk - Frontside Smith Grind
Last night Chad had a bunch of old heads from growing up skating in Reading over to the warehouse. One guy I talked to hadn't seen him for 20 years. Pretty fun to see old buddies kicking it again.

Dan, also from Reading, came up from Philly and we re-shot an alley-oop photo that ran for a Skate Jawn article almost exactly 2 years ago. He thought he could "do it better now." Somebody dig up that issue and compare for me?

At one point I was outside and met a dude who randomly came from New York with one of Chad's old Reading pals. He was from Amsterdam and I drunkenly asked if he knew these two dudes I had met over the summer from Eindhoven. I felt like an idiot as soon as the question came out, as if he would know two people out of the entire country.

But it turns out he did. They were friends back in Europe and he hung out with them when they came over to America this summer as well. Small world is right.


Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Landlord

 These two sequences  of Chad were taken within like 1 minute of each other. The back lip was first try. First try ever.

Chad Kramer - Kickflip
Chad Kramer - Gap to Back Lip


Monday, November 04, 2013

Homebase Skateshop's 2013 Halloween Skate Jam

 Homebase put on their 9th and final Halloween Skate Jam at Keck Park in Allentown yesterday. It was a blast...

Andy V blasts one for the haters.

Nick hucks one through the circle board.

First time I've seen John Shanahan skate in person. That boy good.

Berner built a circle board. The world was stoked.
Berner won the best trick contest with this front blunt over and down. Well earned!

I think this was a scooter joke.

Nice work Po.

Nick told me on the way that the course was no big deal because there's grass on either side.

Motorhead ate shit.

More carnage.

Clean up crew.

Product race.

Super fun times. Thanks Homebase!

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Outtakes from a Day Trip to Philadelphia

Nick Tyrrell - Fronside Tailslide to Nowhere - Philadelphia, 2013

This is one of my favorite spots ever.

Dan Hetrich - Mid frontside flip attempt.

Nick Tyrrell - Frontside Rock - Greys Ferry Crescent Skatepark in Philadelphia

A few weeks ago I was in Philly for an afternoon before flying to Arizona for work and I shot these photos. You haven't seen them because I also shot some other gnarlier photos of Dan and Nick at the Grey's Ferry park, which I've already posted here or elsewhere.

These photos, however, are the ones that almost fell through the cracks. It's bound to happen. I put aside the raddest (skate-wise) ones for zines or art shows and the rest tend to stay in the RAW file in my archives. I only pulled these up from beyond the grave because I was sitting here listening to an episode of Neil Degrasse Tyson's Star Talk podcast with Joe Rogan and I needed something to work on while it played.

There's 4 minutes left. Maybe I'll dig around the archives some more.

Day job becomes photo job... at least for a week

For those of you who don't know, for almost a year now I've worked somewhere between part and full time as an internal salesman for an IT company, One 2 One Computer Services, in Lancaster, PA. What that means is that for 30 or so hours a week I work with our existing clients, everyone from dentist offices to local government entities to nonprofit organizations, to try and make the employees at these places a little less frustrated with their jobs... at least as far as their computers go.

This past week, however, I was lucky enough to be drafted by our marketing department to shoot some photos for a website redesign they have in the works. What you see above is a sneak peak from the past week.

I'll update when their new site is live. Should be soon. Better be! I had to knock these out in between quoting anti-malware renewals.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Grays Ferry Crescent Skatepark

Dan Hetrich - 360 flip fakie over the hip? Backside bigger spin? 390 flip?

Kevin McDonald - Floater

This is probably my favorite concrete creation by Jesse Clayton and Fifth Pocket Designs so far. The new park under the Grays Ferry bridge in Southwest Philadelphia is small (literally one person, sometimes two, skate at a time) but if you can catch it when it's empty it's a blast. Perfectly smooth ground, full of lines.

I asked Kevin to do that ollie one more time after this, just to get a different angle, and he knocked the wind out of himself. Turned out the first one was better anyway. Sorry man.

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Monday, September 09, 2013

4D in Connecticut, 2013